A Flexcover book bound with flexible soft cover, but using same method as hardcover. The covers are usually laminated and bound with a roundbacked spine, which allows the book to lie fairly flat.

Flexi binding is much less expensive option than hardback binding, but offers a higher perceived value than a traditional paperback. It also offers better protection for the inside text pages as well than does perfect binding.

Flexi bound is a certain kind of intermediary option between case bound and soft cover. The cover is made of thick art card instead of mounting on a cardboard. It looks like thin case bound cover and has greater longevity and higher perceived value than softcover.

It is also lighter than a normal hardcover book so it is handy to take it along with you. This makes flexcover very popular for study books, notebooks, travel guides or various handbooks. Novels are also often made with flexible soft cover, the dust jacket may also be added.

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